How To Hire An Interim CTO For Your Startup

Just start with one of any job titles you need then follow the arrows till you get the total price based on your choices. Once you’ve got your job description, make sure everyone internally is aligned on what you’re hiring for and why you’re hiring. Explain what the requirements are and why you’ve chosen them, as well as what the mandate for your new hire will be. Your co-founding CTO may not be the CTO your company needs five years in. You’re in a different leg of the relay race, you may need a different kind of runner.

  • Talk about the different opportunities and benefits that come with the job.
  • His ability to manage, implement, and deliver the projects regardless of their sizes is commendable.
  • ⦁ In addition to all that, we have our internal collaboration tools that make it always easier to communicate ideas and get guidance for all our technical community members.
  • CTO needs to have strong leadership and management skills, technical expertise, and a strong understanding of business strategy to execute it.
  • It automatically means the highest level of hard and soft skills, ability to be a strong leader and performer.

A start-up, for example, might hire a Fractional CTO to develop its technology roadmap and initial strategy. Companies launching new products or services are known to bring in Fractional CTOs long enough for them to see the project through. As organizations navigate a sudden shift to remote work, Fractional CTOs are useful resources to address the technological needs and necessary implementation requirements.

How do I know if I need to hire a CTO?

To hire the right person for the CTO position, you should know what actually makes a candidate perfect for this job. Below, you can see the most prominent qualities roles of a cto to look for when hiring a CTO. Hiring a freelance Chief Technology Officer is, without question, the best investment for small organizations and companies.

Where to hire a CTO

While exploring how to hire a CTO, you should keep in mind that you need to convince the CTO that there’s a future for your start-up and that everything will be fine. Show ready plans and numbers over one colossal ideal with uncertain boundaries. 51% of respondents said they joined a new company/start-up as their CTO. However, don’t completely rely on internal resources; a CTO takes time to mature. According to STNEXT’s CTO Survey 2021, a current CTO was often previously a Software Developer or Tech Lead. On average, they took on at least two different roles before transitioning to CTO.

How to Find the Right CTO for a Startup?

There are a plethora of freelancers out there, so finding one isn’t difficult. Besides, they charge less compared to the other options available to hire CTO. Plus, you don’t need to pay for the freelancers’ taxes, vacations, and sick days. Tech events such as meetups, conferences, and hackathons are a great way to find and rent a CTO.

Where to hire a CTO

However, it is essential to have clear requirements since recruitment will turn into endless suffering with too many candidates otherwise. You can not find a good CTO among CEOs, business owners, or managers, they are more likely to be engaged in the tech community. After all, it is where they get most of their expertise and knowledge about new trends from. You are likely to run into a CTO who offers to manage your project in their spare time. According to our experience and those of our clients, it is impossible.

Evaluate Experience in the Tech Field

This shortage is due to the high requirements needed to become a CTO. These two statistics show that most CTOs have a preference for working with fully-established enterprises over startups. As such, they can start adding value to your project and team without prior training. Since they’re professionals, who usually have years of experience working on multitudes of architectures, the opinions they offer can help you edge out competitors.

There are multiple decisions you as a non-technical startup founder need to make at the initial stages of your startup growth. A Toptal director of engineering will work with you to understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics. Toptal makes finding a candidate extremely easy and gives you peace-of-mind that they have the skills to deliver. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking for highly-skilled developers.

But there’s a super cool plot twist: There isn’t just one kind of CTO

Now, in order to move forward, she is wondering what can still be done through her contractor and what needs to be internalized. Your Chief Technology Officer can be the master of one or the master of all. This planning can go one of two ways, depending on your company. If you are a small startup, the Chief Technology Officer can roll up their sleeves and do the planning themselves. The exact responsibilities of a CTO can vary depending on the need of the company, however these are some of the common responsibilities that are expected when hiring a CTO. Are there any ways to optimize the cost of the CTO’s services?

Rent a CTO that blends well with their existing team, is approved by the stakeholders and CEO, and wouldn’t leave the project mid-way. Only when the CTO develops and shares the roadmap can the developers begin work on the project. They’ll better know what design, tech, and features are utilized in your sector. Therefore, they’re faster to onboard as well as find solutions. In this section, we’ll discuss how to hire a CTO for a start-up more accurately, successfully and effectively. On LinkedIn, you can post a vacancy and wait for applications or search for a tech consultant.

How to assess the fit of a CTO consultant, virtual CTO, CTO on demand, or outsourcing partner

We’ll be happy to match you with a technical co-founder who will lead you to the results you want. The CTO is a c-level executive overseeing an organization’s technical operations. Our work portfolio demonstrates the diversity of projects we have been a part of. Moreover, we have been fulfilling the roles and responsibilities of a CTO for every client for the past 21 years.

Where to hire a CTO