Pictures out-of Poland on thoughts out of Germans

Pictures out-of Poland on thoughts out of Germans

Within this value the enormous public interdependence regarding Germans and you may Poles enjoys led to a massive change in for example „prejudices“

We all have been familiar with photo within minds, outlines one to persistently arrive when we contemplate things. France enjoys baguettes, red wine as well as the Eiffel Tower, the netherlands provides canals, gouda and blonde plaits – most of the strengths which have reduced regarding personal experience than just with stereotypes reinforced by the rumors and constant repetition. Poland have leftover totally different, more bad lines in german minds: given the undeniable fact that Germany and you can Poland was in fact so closely interwoven previously and provide, it’s barely surprising there exists a lot of.

If you decide to at random ask Germans exactly what pops into the mind when they listen to the term „Poland“, the next „indiscriminate collection“ out-of stereotypes and you can relationships you’ll arise. Poles inexpensive, don’t playground, are lazy and you may disorderly, extremely emotional, individualistic, ultra-Catholic, anti-Semitic and you may shady. He has inferiority buildings and you can ideas regarding superiority, works dishonestly and inexpensively into the Germany, and additionally which have dangerously seductively gorgeous ladies. Along with, it always reduce in the sports. „The latest Pole“ are first of all an effective handyman or strengthening employee – along with for the past he had been an aristocratic spendthrift. An effective „Polish girl“ try a charwoman or care and attention worker. Overall, he or she is worst migrants who are a threat to German perform and so are impossible-performing and just have good „golden hand“. However, today the phrase is used absolutely so you’re able to supplement their more compact hopes and dreams. Gloss meals is oily, big and fantastically dull, but also naturally healthy and tasty, Posts need to look deep within their vodka glass. The newest alcohol it brew gets better from day to night. They kow-pull to help you Germans and kick Ukrainians, he’s nationalistic, usually differentiate anywhere between “ you “ (the good of them) and you may “ someone else “ (the brand new crappy of these), are very hospitable, enjoying, flexible, natural, entertaining and never for example fussy. The words will be difficult, as well as their names unpronounceable to possess Germans, nonetheless have Solidarnosc, Lech Walesa, „Kuba“ Blaszczykowski, Robert Lewandowski, Pope John Paul II and you will a cello author that have an attractively simple identity: Chopin .

Back many years ago, when individuals talked of your „Shine economy“, it used it as a synonym having shabby standards

Obviously a few of these lines and you may photographs inside people’s minds are related to personal and material differences. Which pit spurs migration; as why must individuals love to migrate whenever things are most useful at home than simply somewhere else? Whenever all’s said and complete, few Posts provides relocated to Germany of cultural attention, but also for topic grounds in order to work for lowest earnings. So it need nothing experience with the nation and you can language, several hand and sometimes one or two base. Migrant experts regarding industrial centers inside the Italian language Empire, particularly in the latest Ruhr area (Ruhr Poland), regular agricultural experts East of the Lake Elb, pressed labourers in the 1st and particularly regarding Next Globe War: and soon after towards clandestine pros on the strengthening internet sites, the fresh armies away from Gloss cleaning women together with secure helpers with the asparagus and strawberry areas, not forgetting the fresh new hundreds of thousands of Shine carers working in the latest house out of Italian language pensioners – they all produced a feeling of alienation into the remote German settings, got a disturbing perception and you will caused out of instinctive defensive and you will discriminatory reactions („the newest Polacks“). Throughout the years, but not, he’s and contributed to a modification of the way someone think. For many years they were thought to be unwanted opposition into the labour market, because the agents out of a leading-delivery nation from the Eastern, and therefore left their market excessive on the West; although „societal parasitic organisms“. But in Germany (maybe not least because of Poland’s accession towards European union therefore the concomitant judge equivalence), numerous and a great deal of Poles are irreplaceable helpers when you look at the houses and you can gardens, for the sphere plus in factories. „Laziness“ has actually turned „diligence“, „dirt“ to your „elegance“, „foreignness“ into the „familiarity“, above all as, of all of the immigrants to Germany, Posts are a number of the fewest to stand out from the majority area. The existing girls into the Odenwald (or even the Black Forest, Sachsenwald otherwise no matter where . ), exactly who never had much esteem to own Poles and you can, whoever experience in Poland contained a few unreflected fragments out of Nazi propaganda off the girl parents‘ age bracket additionally the violence away from the woman neighbors have been expelled out of Silesia, that it dated people – whoever simply guy resides in London – is starting to become entirely dependent on a live-during the Gloss carer. And lo and you will view, while the the girl assistant today talks a little pretty good German, she will be able to talk to the lady from the farming plus the current advancements from inside the Eu royal families, also getting a close interest in all the family events from inside the distant Poland. No records guide around the globe will perform plenty to help you break apart stereotypes.

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